Attention all who suffer from Parkinson’s disease, other movement disorder, or Multiple Sclerosis:


Southern Dallas County lacks access to the valuable supporting services that those in higher-income neighborhoods effectively employ for disease management. Let’s create opportunities for everyone to ease the suffering caused by these debilitating ailments.

Our Belief: Opportunities for self-improvement should be equally accessible for all, without regard for language spoken, neighborhood of origin, skin color, or any other distinction.

Targeted Geographic Area: Generally, entire city of Dallas south of Interstate Highway 30, west of Loop 635, and east of Loop 12/Spur 408.

See  highlighted map below for approximate boundaries.



These boundaries may stretch in certain instances to accommodate needs of people in low-income areas.

Proposed Services: Needs assessment, medical analysis, fitness/recreation programs, information presentations, support groups, speech/voice therapy, and opportunities to serve within your own community.

Some proposed services are beyond my level of expertise. However, I have reason to believe that I can secure providers as necessary.

Dates and Locations for Services: Details will be announced after those in the target community tell us what they are lacking. We will make every attempt to locate the most beneficial services, in the most accessible places, to optimize health for as many as possible.



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